Live in peace with food.
Live in partnership with your body.
Live with awe and wonder for your life.

Eating disorders are serious business. The medical, social, and psychological issues that you face are complex. While we may live in a world in which “dieting” and body-dissatisfaction are unfortunately the norm, the mindset you have toward food, your weight, and your body says it all. Do you:

  • Find yourself consumed by thoughts of food—when you will eat, what you will eat, what you won’t eat?

  • Find yourself filled with shame, guilt, self-loathing, or a sense of being “out of control” after eating anything you consider “bad”, “unhealthy”, or “fattening”?

  • Have friends and/or family who have expressed concern about your rigid eating and exercise habits?

  • Feel constantly run-down, foggy-headed, cold, dizzy?  Have trouble concentrating?  Have dull, brittle hair, nails, and skin?

  • Find you have longer and longer lists of forbidden food you will not touch, as well as an increased number of rules you assign yourself for when and how you will eat?

  • Panic when facing social circumstances that involve food, to the point where in the days leading up to the event you feel extremely anxious?

  • Lie to loved ones about how much you actually ate or exercised that day?

There is a path to recovery! I will help you stabilize your eating first. This means learning to feed yourself enough, and well, regardless of the initial anxiety that comes with approaching food differently. I will also teach you how to heal obsessive thinking, and change your food and exercise rules, rituals, and outdated beliefs that fuel disordered eating. Finally, I will help empower you to claim your authentic beauty, and to recognize the multiple dimensions of your own self-worth. Please reach out today.

Linda R. Glass, M.A., Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Eating Disorder Expert and Body Image Specialist

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